The Los Angeles High School
Romans 70's Alumni Association



 We are dedicated Romans, first and foremost, who have formed this organization with the goal of maintaining unity throughout the years while “partying with a purpose”! 

The 70's Alumni Association is a "social club" which consists of members from the graduating classes at Los Angeles High School from 1970-1979.  Our organization and events are NOT officially affiliated with Los Angeles High School, Los Angeles High School Alumni Association, or Los Angeles Unified School District.

Our mission is to serve as an ongoing vehicle for 70's era LAHS alums, faculty and friends to maintain unity through creative collegiality and empowering community initiatives.  We operate by a set of By-Laws, under the direction of elected officers.   While we are not an official non-profit organization, as a social club we pledge to make significant donations from the profits of events, when possible, to various LAHS scholarships and community projects. 

There will never be a cost to communicate, post photos, or access all the features of this site!

Yes!  All 70's alumni can become registered Association members, or serve on our Board.  Our Board will consist of 2 members from each class.  At present, we are looking for representatives from all classes.

The ideal Board candidate should have experience in planning/organizing your previous reunions or business connections, and or business expertise which will assist The Association in our efforts.  Residence in the LA area not required, but desirable.  

Membership is  open to 70's alumni, all faculty and staff, with minimal annual dues to be announced.

We wanted a gathering place which is just for us!!  At this point in our lives, we want everyone to have an opportunity to reconnect with old friends, while supporting each other through business networking and community service.  This site will hopefully make it easier and more efficient for individual classes to plan their own reunions and locate classmates.  Whenever the need arises, registered members are welcome to use our database  -- just contact your classmates through us!!!  
How much does it cost to use this site? 
There will never be a cost to use, communicate, or post pictures to this site.
  The Board Members of the
LAHS Romans 70's Alumni Association are:

Karen Lawson, '72, President
George Dewann Clark, '76, Vice President
Jayn Bell Higgins, '75, Secretary
Deryck Allen, '76 Treasurer
Brenda King, '71
Johnny Lewis, '72
Mechele Gordy, '73
Debra Mars, '74
Felecia Richard, '75
Shedralyn Pullum, '79
Juliet Vercelli, '76, Consultant
For more info, please contact us at (213) 393-2914  
Yours in Peace, Luv, and 'Romanality',

The LAHS Romans 70's Alumni Association




The LAHS Romans 70's Alumni Committee is busy at work planning your next major event for 2019!! WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING TO FILL BOARD MEMBER SLOTS-- 

WE NEED TWO representatives from the classes of 1970 and 1978--we have no representatives from this class;

The ideal candidate is a hard worker who can bring creative ideas to the table and follow through with assigned tasks. You enjoy working through team effort. Residence in LA area is good, but not required, as we work via teleconferences. NOT a huge time commitment throughout the year. Is this you or someone you know????   If so, please let us know using the "Contact Us" tab on the left.